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Links for AP Calculus

College Board - AP Central:
AB homepage:
BC homepage:

Course & Exam Description (2016; pdf):

Mathematical Practices for AP Calculus (MPACs):

Course Overview Modules for AP Calculus Teachers (2016-17 and Beyond):

AP Calculus Professional Development Modules:
Go here for sample pacing guides, links to exam resources, audit information, professional development (including Log in link to newest modules on topics Limits and Selecting Procedures for Derivatives are completed and earn .2 CEUs. There is also a link to Davidson Next free online modules targeting challenging topics

Exam Information:

Past Exams:

Practice Exams via the AP Couse Audit:
Access to AP Practice Exams for Audit-approved teachers only.

Commentary on Free-Response Section Instructions (2011; pdf):

Online Reports for Educators of Student AP scores

AP Credit Policy Search:

NCA2PMT Calculus Challenge Problems Archive:
(Calculus Problem of the Every Other Week: 2007--2012)

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